Thursday, October 05, 2006

Okay. Things have gone sideways with watching Survivor. If you are keeping score at home, I am no longer scratching my wife's back on this one. We are currently 1 episode in the hole, with another one on tomorrow. This show is dying a slow death for me.

On the last eipsode that we watched, I was truly disturbed. The Hispanic team decided they were better off with less people, and threw a challenge to vote off Virgilio "Billy" Garcia, the fun-loving jolly heavy metal guitarist from NYC. To be completely honest, I was not only outraged by this, but I also felt very sorry for Billy. Even though he had been a tad lazy at camp, he had done nothing wrong, other than not being as attractive or as cool as the rest of his tribe.

Then, in a turn that I never saw coming, Billy showed me once again, why this show is like a bad wreck that you can't look away from. Before the vote while at tribal council, Billy claimed that it was love at first sight between he and Candice Woodcock.

Now I am all for guys playing a little bit above the rim (Ross Gellar, George Costanza, Evil Spock, etc.), but come on Dawg, get a grip.

This was truly one of the worst displays I have ever seen. If only I could have reached into the TV and given this poor guy a hug.

If you didn't see it, Mr. Garcia (no relation) was 101% serious when he made these outlandish claims. Now that you're on the outside world, and if, for some odd reason, you're reading this - do yourself a favor - don't hold your breath waiting for true love, Playa!!!

Baba Ganoush, OUT!!!

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Evil Spock said...

Are you saying I'm more like Ross, or more like George?