Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well, I finally figured out how to extract WordPerfect files into MS Word, which means I now have access to some of the poems I wrote A LONG TIME AGO. Let's just say, I remember them being A LOT better. But, I said I would post them, so here they are.

Reading them now, they seem very juvenile, both in content and context. Just keep in mind that I wrote them when I was just 21 yo. Here are two of them. Here are two basic love sonnets. Very basic, but were meant to be funny.

I'll post my favorite one tomorrow, since these two were so bad. Cute back in the day, but just terrible now. Maybe, I'll at least get a chuckle out of you?

Baba Ganoush - OUT!

Love Sonnet #1

Oh how I love a tender juicy steak.
With corn, peas, and a potato, all on the side.
A thousand miles, I would surely ride
For a well-done steak, that would make you quake.
Where’s my beef, keep that cake.
Grilled, baked, or fried, they’ve all been tried.
As my favorite, grilled and baked are tied.
A hefty weight gain, this will surely make.
I’ll have to go to the SRSC everyday.
I’ll lift, run, and even play basketball.
If I’m still too heavy, I’ll go for a swim.
From this sequence, I’ll never stray.
Eat steak, then exercise, that’s all.
I love to eat steak, it’s just a whim.

Love Sonnet #2

Wow is she beautiful. I think I can
Introduce myself, sooner or later.
I’ll love her forever, never hate her.
She’s perfect with her golden tan.
Tall and slender, she must eat her bran.
It’s that time, we couldn’t be closer,
Kissing and caressing, it can only get better.
Wait, oh my God, my dream girl’s a man.
Up I jumped, I tried to play it off.
I felt weird, a man I had kissed.
I had to leave, I didn’t feel well.
Well, uh, doh, I could only cough.
If this gets out, I’ll be pissed.
I hope she, well he, doesn’t tell.


Evil Spock said...

Oh, Baba's steak! I miss the BBQ's of beef and pork.

No one can beat Baba's meat better than himself!

Be ready for your hot beef injection!

angry ballerina said...

HAHAHAHAHAAAA! At least she/he did'nt turn into a panda! MMMM.....Cow flesh....Ya, I'm veggie!

Madison said...

Oh my gawsh I loved the second one!

That was fabulous! :)