Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lil' Dude

So, this entry is a big step for this blog. First and foremost, I'm posting pictures of my kids, which is something I wasn't sure I was going to do.

I am stealing shamelessly from Evil Spock. Jones Soda Co. is running a program where ordinary people submit ordinary photos that could get selected to appear on their bottles. If you've never had Jones Soda, do yourself a favor, and go get some. I recommend their Cream Soda!

Vote Here:

I was going to post a picture of myself, but at press time for this post, my agent had not worked out the legals for using my image with the Jones Soda Co.

Here are the pictures that I narrowed it down to.

Like father, like son. We recently started potty training and it didn't take long for him to understand what potty time is all about! I didn't use this one though. I wasn't sure the people at Jones would get the humor.

This has always been one of my favorite pictures of my little guy. It is his 9 mo. picture. I seriously considered using this one (most likely in B/W, as I have that too), but 1 problem. Technically, we do not own the rights to the picture, which is one of the requirements for submission. Oh, well, I still like this one!

I really like this one as well. This is my son's 18 mo. pic and my daughter was 6 mo. He has always been pretty good with her (aside from a few trains to the melon and 1 forehead biting incident). This picture took no prompting, he just planted one and the photographer timed it just right. Hopefully, they will always get along this well. Yeah, right! Again though, this one is not ours.

Here is the picture that I ended up using. Not the best of the lot in my opinion, but still pretty cute. This one is from this past summer. He had been outside playing in the pool, and took a break to come inside, kept his shades on and found his nuk.

If you have time, go and vote! Pretty fun. Let me know if you post a picture and I'll go and vote too.

Baba Ganoush, OUT!


Evil Spock said...

I would've gone with the potty training.

angry ballerina said...

Your little one's a cool dude. Especially with the binky...

angry ballerina said...

I'm a voting whore

JLee said...

very cool! A couple of years ago, me and some people I work with entered a bunch of dumb pictures for that same contest! Nobody won ;( boo hooo

JLee said...

oh, and the kids are adorable!!

K*Funk said...

Super cute kiddos. I like the 'nuk' one. :)
I already voted for Evil Spock's pic but I guess I can vote again...!

baba_ganoush_ said...

Thanks k*funk!

BSB said...

Adorable looking children.

Do they take after your wife? ;-)