Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Those Damn High Notes

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Most people hate Wednesdays, but I love them. About the time of day I usually say to myself, "today sucks," I remember that Wednesdays are Lost nights.

This season has been especially good. And I appreciate ABC keeping the show on throughout the season without repeats. That helps to keep my Wednesdays the best day of the week. No idea what I'll do when the season is over - we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Something happened to me last week. I lost my voice - no, it was not on a deserted island. I have been hoarse before, but I have never lost my voice completely like I did last week.

I had a 2 hour drive from Cincinnati to Louisville and then back again in one day. If you have never had the pleasure of making this drive, let me tell you - it is awful. There is literally nothing for 2 hours. On this particular trip, I got reacquainted with my Pop Mix CD. Prince and I had several jam sessions with Little Red Corvette, where I showed him how to hit the high notes.

Well, my voice is almost back to normal today. Although I may be in for a relapse. While taking the kids to daycare today, what popped on my XM dial - 69 Boyz with Tootsee Roll. They are both still young enough for me to make an ass of myself in front of them without embarrassing them.

To the Left, to the left. To the Right, to the right. To the Front, to the front. To the Back, to the back. Now Dip Baby! Come on now dip!

I am off to see if The World's Largest Retailer is displaying my products like they are supposed to. For my voices sake, I plan on listening to talk radio and XM Comedy all day.

And a video to boot! Have a great rest of the week!

No sure what country these crazy things are from, but they'd probably cause me some problems too!

Baba Ganoush Out!


sAssY brOwn said...

Yeah, it's LOST night. We'll compare notes later! It's all about John Locke i think...

mindy said...

i laughed until there was a baby involved and then i cried. :(
i'm not sure i've heard of the 69 boyz.. i don't know if i should.
yay for lost!!!

mindy said...
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Dan said...

Hey Baba Ganoush ... every time I visit your site I get hungry. :)

Baba Ganoush said...

Sassy Brown - I didn't know you were a fellow Lostie!

I think Locke has been acting very shady. I have my eye on him too!

Mindy - If you heard the song, you'd know it! I'm a little less excited about Lost tonight because I am going to watch it on my rather standard bedroom TV, instead of my giant living room TV.

It's all about the experience. Maybe I'll light some candles :)

Dan - You know, I've never had it. I probably should, or I might lose my Baba Ganoush pass.

JLee said...

Well, at least you can still blog even if you're hoarse! I love "Lost" too, but I wish at least one or two things would get resolved every now and then. Oh the twists and turns!

sAssY brOwn said...

Hey, it was a good one huh?! I feel so sorry for John but also annoyed that he was so stupid. He was totally responsible for what happened to that woman's son!!!

Yasamin said...

dude!! hhahahahaaa that songs great! i havent heard it in years! ;p

and um... what the hell are those damned things supposed to accomplish??? freaking people are nuts.

HeatherLynn said...

Oh, I know the Drive from Cincy to Louisville....not great is it? :)

So is your voice back up to par? I think in my enitre life I've lost my voice a total of three times. It's not as common as one might think. Hope you are feeling better.

Now on the important stuff...."I" taught prince how to hit the high you mean to tell me YOU taught him that shit? *winks*

With you mention of the tootsie roll song and prince as well, i'm feeling like downloading some 80-90's music for my car ride today.

Okay,....enough from me...


PS - that video was hilarious....although to be most honest, I can't tell you that I wouldn't have done the same know, if in a foreign country and not knowing any better.