Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor Cook Islands

Alright, so for you Survivor fans out there, last night was a big night. This season has gotten a lot of pub due to the way the tribes have been split - into ethnic groups (Caucasian, African American, Asian, and Hispanic).

A few things about my viewing of this show before we get started.

  • I do not necessarily like this show. As stated before, I watch A LOT of shows. I am generally pretty easily entertained, but I really watch this show as a "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine," sort of thing with my wife, which encourages her to watch shows with me that she normally would not (that's how I pulled her into Lost).

  • I'll do my best not to offend anyone. I felt a lot of stereotypes were perpetuated with this show before they put this year's spin on things, so things could get ugly.

  • If you're looking for in-depth Survivor posts, you might want to look elsewhere. I think Survivor is a good show, but for me, and the number of shows I watch, it got sent to the C-List several years ago.

My wife read there are 3 separate hook-ups this year, which will greatly enhance my viewing pleasure. I think we got a sneak peek at one of them tonight.

Candice and Parvati are my front-runners so far for who'll keep me glued to the TV for a blurred out nipple-slip or butt crack (Jessica's did not Git R Dun). Hopefully they'll make it far enough to get to that one physical challenge where a wrestling match breaks out and clothes inevitably fall off - yeah, you know the challenge I'm talking about.

The show comes to its climax as the African American team comes in last in the first challenge. While they do have to go to tribal council and send a member home, they are rewarded with the privilege of picking 1 person from any other team to go to "Exile Island."

After some deliberation, Nathan announces they are sending Jonathan, as payback for stealing a chicken from the Asian team. This is where things become confusing. (Jessica later "accidentally" let the chickens out. I think she did it on purpose - PETA loving Hippie Chick).

Before announcing the name, and after referencing the chicken rationale, Nathan makes a bold statement.
"Karma is a Bizzle," Nathan boasts in true Snoop-Dogg fashion.

Wait a minute, did he just say what I think he said? No, not the 26 yo LA native, who works in retail sales (fancy speak for works in a mall). Well, then again, even though it's played out, he might have said Bizzle - fo Shizzle. Better check the handy dandy closed caption.

"Karma is Abysmal," proclaims Nathan in true Simon Cowell fashion.

I have yet to decide which statement brings more personal shame on young Nathan. Hell, I'm not 100% sure what he even said? Anyone have any idea?

Needless to say, in the end, either his OG rant or his mastery of getting through the A's in his quest to learn bigger words, saved him from being sent home.

Poor Sekou was sent packing, despite his promises to build the grandest fire Survivor has ever witnessed. We bid a fond farewell to the 45 yo Jazz Musician/Recording Artist from LA.

And possibly the most annoying castaway - Cao Boi (no relation to Big Boi). He gave me a serious case of "Bad Wind," with his medicine man crap. In an effort to expand my mind and open up alternative medicine, I later tried this on my wife, and she was NOT happy. From the looks of next week's episode, Cao "BIG" Boi is annoying his fellow tribe-mates, with more poorly timed Asian jokes, offensive Asian jokes, and/or just not that funny Asian jokes.

Survivor Cook Islands promises to provide plenty of eye-candy (for you girls too), a lot of intense competition, and plenty of reasons for many groups to be proud of and cheer for their ethnic group.

However, there appears to also be ample injections of obnoxious stereotypical behavior, that will make us all feel just a little uncomfortable. Watching Sorority Girl, Alternative Hippie Nakomis Girl, Mr. Miyagi Guy, and Dominating Black Girl should captivate us week after week (much like our inability to look away from a bad wreck) just enough to keep coming back for the season's guiltiest pleasure.

Have fun, enjoy the season. There will be more interesting shows on soon - Hang in there.

Baba Ganoush - OUT.

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Evil Spock said...

I watched it last night. I wanted the white team to lose. Instead of using the PC terms, I prefer white, black, brown, and jaundiced.