Friday, December 08, 2006

Please Make It STOP!!!

It's been roughly 6 months now since we moved back to Ohio. After being held captive in Wisconsin for 6 years, we were able to get relocated to Cincinnati, OH. Things were good, as we were now closer to family and friends.

For the purposes of this blog, you must know that I detest snakes, rodents, and just bugs in general. To be completely honest, it's probably more of a phobia that I have than just a general dislike. To the point where re-living all this drama will probably keep me up at night!

So, here we go. I looked the other way this summer when I found out our back yard was infested with snakes. Just posting this picture makes my skin crawl! And yes, the snakes in the backyard were this big! No really, I swear!

There are still parts of our yard where I refuse to cut the grass. Most notably, Snake Hill. After an encounter here in early August, I vowed not to return, and I did not.

And yes, if you are wondering, the danger in this region of the back yard did affect the usage of the play system we spent an obscene amount of money to have put in (where does the money go......yeah, I wonder!).

I even ignored the fact that these guys came and went from the house like they were paying rent! These pictures are from my basement and they were about the size of a half-dollar. Not only were they very large, they are also very agile and got around quickly!

In addition to the above tenants, we had numerous other bugs chilling at the crib. And don't get me started on the thousands, and I kid you not THOUSANDS, of crickets that hung out in the yard.

We live in a suburb north of the city, and despite all the wild life in and around our house, I took it all in stride and was happy with the move.

WELL, UNTIL NOW! You see, we got some snow the other day. And when I say some snow, I mean about an inch, which was gone by mid morning. Great you say. Well, not really! Seems as though people here in Cincinnati just LOST THEIR MINDS!

I grew up in Northern Ohio (which gets much more snow than Southern OH). I went to school in Bloomington, IN, which get about the same amount of snow as we get here, and I had never seen this before. It seems as though people in Cincinnati have never driven in snow before.

This picture is of I-75, about 6 miles from where it normally backs up. The traffic was not moving and was backed up the other way as far as I could see. To my knowledge there were no accidents, just people not knowing what in the hell they were doing.

I can put up with a lot, but this has pushed me over the edge. If I wanted traffic like this, I would have moved to Chicago. Stay tuned to see what happens when Cincinnati is launched into the Next Ice Age (2 inches of snow) - I should buy my generator now! Come on people.

To assist in your general driving, please refer to a few of my Golden Rules of Driving. Please note that in snow, speeds should be adjusted accordingly, but the rules are still applicable.

Baba Ganoush, OUT!


JLee said...

thanks, I've got the creepy crawlies now...

HeatherLynn said...

Oh, don't you just looooove Ohio! Being as I'm an Ohio resident, I know exactly what you are going through.....just moved back from Wisconsin eh? My sister lives up there about an hour north of Madison actually...anyway...great first time here..oh and let me apologize ahead of time for steeling a video clip from your blog and posting it on mine...not very original of me...but I figured I'd fess up right out of the gate.

Anyway...thanks for the note you left on my blog....I'll be bookmarking you to read more of you later.


Baba Ganoush said...

jlee - sorry for passing that along, but just imagine living in constant fear like me :(

HL - no problem. mi casa es su casa. Feel free to borrow anytime.

Dr. Stephanie said...

Amen to the traffic as a result of our "snow storm" the other day. WTF was the fuss all about? Just slow down a bit, don't drive like the blind maniac as usual, and it will ALL BE FINE. No need for traffic to come to a complete standstill for 2 hours!!

BSB said...

Two inches of snow = snow storm.. hahahahaha sorry I couldn't help myself...

Every time I read "Cincinnati" it autmatically triggers the song "WKRP in Cincinnaaaaati" It's been so long.. I think I have the letters wrong.. humm.. Anyhow I loved that show growing up... the messed up radio man was my favorite.. can't seem to remember his name though.... wow! really long ago.. you probably don't even know what I'm babbling about .. LOL

Snowball432 said...

Well at least they didn't send out the army to get you like they did a few years ago in I sympathize for the bugs I have them myself, but I handle them with RAID MAX it works...for a few

Baba Ganoush said...

Doc Steph. - Yes! Hopefully that was not a sign of things to come.

BSB - You may have one tooooo many A's in Cincinnati? I do know what show you are talking about because I had my little teen crush on Lonnie Anderson, and her giant.....oh no, I've said too much again.

Snowball - The Orkin guy visits us on a regular basis. On top of that, I usually do use something myself. Seems to work, we just end up with A LOT of dead bugs lying around....yuck!

BSB said...

oh yeah.. had forgetten she was on that show.. didn't leave an impression ...