Sunday, February 04, 2007

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

I can't really say I'm a Colts fan, but I did live in Indiana for 11 years. As I've said before, I think it's great we're having an all Midwest Super Bowl.

It should be a great game, and since I have to root for someone, I'm picking the Colts. I honestly think the Colts will win. I think the Colts O and the Bears D will be a wash. In the end, the Colts have a much better Defense than the Bears Offense, which should prove to be the difference.

Now, let's get to the good stuff! I'm going to rate my top 5 Super Bowl commercials, and a few other Top 5s. I'm going to try to do this in real time, but might get a little side tracked with pizza deliveries, refreshing beers, and screaming kids.

Here we go:

My Top 5 SB Commercials

1 - I really liked this Chevy commercial. The best part was formula 1 race car driver Johnny O'Connell rapping along to a song as his car is lowered off a truck.

Chevrolet: Everybody Loves a Chevy

2 - Two guys kissing over a Snickers, classic!

Snicker: Kiss

3 - Budweiser, as always, put out a lot of SB commercials. Most of them were just okay, but I thought this one was really funny.

Bud Light: Rock Paper Scissors Beer

4 - The CareerBuilder.Com commercials were great. This one was the best, but they were all good. The guy in that "promotion pit" that was covered in Post-Its was comedy!

CareerBuilder: Office Jungle Fight

5 - Rollin' VIP baby!

Worst Super Bowl Commercials

1 - The PepsiCo commercials have been terrible. I've counted 2 separate Sierra Mist commercials and 2 separate Doritos commercials. I understand the Doritos commercials were made by people who won contests, but bad nontheless.

And seriously - Sierra Mist? Not Pepsi, not Diet Pepsi, and not even Mountain Dew? Come on now!

4 separate PepsiCo commercials, at how many millions of dollars? It's nice to see my former company utilizing their dollars so wisely. Which is actually why they're my former company.

This Doritos commercial was terrible. First off, you would never see a Family Size product on the same endcap display with regular XL Doritos. Secondly, this display is missing the #1 selling Doritos sku - XL Nacho. Where is the point of sale? Why is the dip merchandised on flex shelving and not a dip shelf? Why is Queso dip not represented on the endcap? Who in the hell picked out the sku mix?

This commercial was not really the worst I saw. However, the people at Frito Lay should be embarrassed by the lack of attention to detail.

2 - GoDaddy.Com enough already. I like hot women and boobs as much as the next guy, but I'm getting really sick of their commercials.

3 - All the crappy CBS commercials for the shows on their network.

What do/did you think?

My Top 5 Random Thoughts

1 - Why in the world do the Bears have a long snapper as one of their captains? Hmm. They just won the coin toss, so maybe he was good luck. Shows what I know.

2 - I am not a huge Prince. I have always liked his music, and have bought the occasional CD. I must say, though, that the halftime show was phenomenal. Prince seems like he is great live. Prince singing Purple Rain, in the rain - does it get any better than that?

3 - The Bear's uniforms look black. I'm sure it's the rain, but they look pretty good. They should dump their alternate orange, and get some black ones.

4 - Too much pizza and beer. I never got to the double chocolate, chocolate cake.

5 - I wonder if the new season of Survivor will be any good?

My Top 5 Game Observations

1 - I was lead to believe the Colts were not going to kick to Devin Hester. They need to NOT kick to him anymore. Kick the ball out of bounds if you have to!

2 - Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. The Bears are great at creating takeaways, but the rain is really affecting the players' ability to hold onto the ball.

3 - Thru 3 quarters, I look like a genius. Colts O and Bears D are pretty much a wash (actually a slight edge to the Colts O, which is just gravy). The Colts D is marking the Bears O look silly. I haven't been a big fan of the anti-Rex Grossman talk that's gone on much of the year. Rex isn't doing anything to silence his critics today though.

4 - Tony Dungy going for it on 4th down with under 2 minutes was a great decision. Don't give the Bears an opportunity to block the kick, and make Grossman drive 80 yards. Just brilliant!

5 - I should have put some sweet action on the game. Then again, if I had, I'm sure things would have been a little different. Wonder what the over/under was?

Baba Ganoush, OUT!


mindy said...

the turnovers were horrible. prince was insane good!! i would have rather watched him the rest of the game! ha! and those doritos commercials were so stupid and so annoying.

Beth said...

Rex grossman lost that game for the Bears....he was horrible! when Hester made that touchdown, I started to sweat! OH NO! But my colt's pulled it out. It was a great game.

I thought the commercial totally SUCKED!!! NONE of them were any good....what a let down.

Baba Ganoush said...

Mindy - I agree. Prince was the best part of the game.

I wonder how many peeple received 3rd degree burns during his intro?

Beth - You would think for 2.6 million dollars, companies would have put in a little more effort.

JLee said...

I missed the whole thing due to work, so thanks for the highlights!

Baba Ganoush said...

JLee - You didn't miss all that much. My only lesson from Sunday - I have to see Prince live soon.

Jenny! said...

I am a late Bears fan, and could not be more embarrased by their performance!

I agree with your top 5 commercials, the Snickers was the shit! I have tried to implement the Promotion Pit from the one Career Builder ad, but no one has signed up yet! I just want to wear my binders as protective gear!

Congrats to the Colts...they really deserved that win!