Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No Pictures, No Videos - Just Bitching

I enjoy blogging. I really do. Recently, I looked inward to explain my recent sporadic posting. For the most part, I use blogging to get things off my chest. Well, I haven't really had a need to do that lately - things have been going very good.

Baba in a good mood for months on end. Yeah, hard for me to believe too, but why question a good thing. Would my good fortunes be able to survive a week in Bentonville, Arkansas? 1 day in, and we have a verdict.

Following is the time line of the last 24 hours. Enjoy, and yes, I expect some sort of pity!

1:25 EST - Baba boards a Delta Airlines flight en route to Bentonville with a short stop off in Chicago, a change to American Airlines, and then on to my final stop. Served 6 crackers, which should be enough to hold me over until Chitown, where I can get some lunch before my next flight.

1:45 CST - Delta flight lands at O'Hare, and Baba is forced to run and break a sweat getting to his connection.

2:20 CST - Baba arrives at gate to check in as plane is boarding. No time for lunch. Irritation is setting in.

2:25 CST - Baba boards American Airlines plane, which leaves 10 minutes later. Lady next to me has brought McDonald's on the plane.

2:50 CST - The flight attendants start serving from the front of the plane, meaning Baba will be 7th to last out of 190 people to receive his 60 calorie package of snack mix. Lady next to me is in no hurry to eat her food as it sits in the bag.

3:10 CST - McDonald's lady decides to start "picking" at her food. Baba nearly boils over as she takes a few bites of everything and then tosses the rest aside.

3:20 CST - Baba is presented with snack mix - which was AWESOME.

4:05 CST - Baba arrives at NW Arkansas regional airport. While waiting for bags, Baba obtains his rental car.

4:20 - 5:30 CST Baba engages in the following conversation:

Baba: Excuse me sir, I need a little help finding my bag.

Earl: Okay let me check into it for you. *Earl pushes computer buttons for 10 minutes and then disappears for another 30.

Earl: Sir, it looks like you bag was mis-picked and sent to Bismark, North Dakota.

Baba: Okay, where do we go from here?

Earl: After pushing buttons for another 15 minutes - Looks like we can have your bag to you "sometime" tomorrow afternoon.

Baba: I have a meeting very early in the morning tomorrow. I have nothing to wear. Getting my bag to me "sometime" tomorrow afternoon, is NOT acceptable.

Earl: I'm sorry sir, that is as soon as we can get it here.

Baba: So that's it. You send my bag to North Dakota, and you then send me on my way with a sorry bout your luck? I am NOT okay with that!

Earl: Let me talk with my supervisor. *15 minutes pass* It looks like we can get your bag here by 8pm. Our delivery guy comes in at 9pm. We can have your bag to your hotel by 10.

Baba: My bag will be delivered to my hotel by 10 pm tonight?

Earl: Yes.

Baba: That is much more acceptable. Thank you!

5:30 - 6:00 CST - Baba drives to hotel.

I am staying at a Hyatt Place. All rooms feature a 42 in flat screen TV. My room is phenomenal, my bag will be here by 10 pm, and we are going to Carrabba's for dinner - All is right in the world again, and Baba is in danger of not blogging.

9:00 CST - Baba returns to hotel from dinner.

10:15 CST - Baba is still sans bag.

10:20 CST - Baba calls the # provided earlier at the airport.

Automated Voice: your bag is currently at NW Arkansas Regional Airport and is scheduled to be delivered by 12 am CST.

Baba: Operator.

Automated Voice: It sounds like you would like to talk with an operator. Please choose from the following menu so we can best serve you.

Baba: Operator.

Automated Voice: Please choose.....


Operator: How may I help you?

Baba: Your company sent my bag to North Dakota. Earl told me I would have it by 10 pm. It is now 10:30 pm and I have no bag.

Operator: Looks like your bag is scheduled to be delivered to your hotel by 12 am.

Baba: I am tired. I need to iron still. I have to get up at 4 am. Earl said it would be here by 10. This is unacceptable.

Operator: I do not know why you were told that.

Baba: Earl seemed pretty confident in his claim. Can I speak with your supervisor.

*After being on hold for 10 minutes, Baba hops in his car and drives to airport. At some point, Baba is hung up on.*

11:00 CST - Baba obtains bag from rude person, who does not apologize for the travesty that has just occurred.

*While on way back to hotel, Baba call American Airlines Advantage Member number, which he is a member of.* Following is that transcript.

Baba: I would like to talk with someone about my travel earlier today.

"Customer Service Rep:" Do you have a complaint?

Baba: YES, I do.

"Customer Service Rep:" That will have to go to our Quality Assurance Dept. I can give you a Fax # or an Email.

Baba: I would like to call them.

"CSR:" I can give you a Fax # or an Email.

Baba: You mean after everything today, I cannot even talk to a live person about this?

"CSR:" I can give you a Fax # or an Email.

Baba: Can I talk to a supervisor?

11:30 CST - Baba arrives back at hotel, just as I am hung up on again.

11:30 - 12 am CST - Baba unpacks and irons clothes. Baba changes wake up call from 4:15 am to 4:45 am. Baba falls asleep.

3:30 am - Baba wakes up, paranoid he will over-sleep. Over the next hour or so, Baba is in and out of sleep.

5:00 am - After shower, Baba rocks in the fetal position in his room as he weeps.

Baba blogs again.

Baba OUT!


kat said...

I HATE AIRLINES. The same thing happened to my girlfriend just yesterday - only difference is she was taking a DIRECT flight. How do they lose luggage on a direct flight?


And I believe she got not crackers. Alas, she too, was in the back row.

Evil Spock said...

This blog would be better if you replaced the name "Baba" with your true persona, "Chocobear".

Jenny! said...

That sucks donkey balls! I hate the automated voice thing...pisses me off so by the time I actually get to a real person I am ten times more pissed off than when I started! They usually provide you with a flight voucher when they fuck up teh bags!

angry ballerina said...

*points and laughs her (tiny) ass off*

Sucks to be YOU Chocobear.

HeatherLynn said...

Poor, Poor Baba! It's days like this that you wonder how airlines stay in business.....because it's obvious that more than just you experience these very same kind of problems while traveling.

As for the blogging....I hate to think that the only time you feel inspired to write is when you are pissed..then that would mean that when I want you to post something new, I'm wishing negativity on you! ;)

I will pray for smooth sailing from here on out with your travel plans...and put away my little baba vodoo doll! *kidding...kidding*


sAssY brOwn said...

I actually slept on the concrete floor in the Toronto airport once during a snowstorm with about 5000 other strandedpeople. Good times.

Evil Spock said...

Chocobear is missing! Where's Chocobear?!? Have you seen Chocobear???